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~!@#$%^&*() C h A i ()*&^%$#@!~'s Journal [entries|friends|calendar]
~!@#$%^&*() C h A i ()*&^%$#@!~

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[20 Jul 2005|12:47pm]


I'm new. I love chai. My mom is addicted to Borders chai freezes (she makes excuses to come visit me, but I know it's because my town has a Borders and hers doesn't)

Anyway, I would love to make some chai at home - anyone have any favorites they'd like to share? I'd really like it if someone could tell me how to make apple or raspberry chai, too.
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Bonjour. [05 Feb 2004|06:50pm]

Hello all. I just joined this community because I do love the chai! It's probably my favorite drink of all time, hot, cold, whateva, I'll drink it. I've never tried making my own, but I am highly interested in trying it out sometime. I like this little shindig you got going on here, so I just thought I'd join.
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Homemade! [05 Jan 2004|10:45pm]

Everyone here is talking about powders and pre-made chai but it's really easy to make your own, and it expresses your own personality and you can change it from day to day depending how you feel. I just got back from 100 days in india and nepal and I'm on a chai high.

So my chai typically includes:

water, soymilk mixed about 50/50
whole black peppercorns
cardamom (whole pods)
nutmeg (fresh grated from the nut)
cinnamon (grated from a cinnamon stick)
ginger (sliced or grated, fresh)
sucanat (which is evaporated sugar cane juice, like a whole sugar)
black tea
one all-important grain of sea salt

It's great stuff! I make it every morning and put it in a nice old stanley thermos that keeps it hot all day. I'm a carpenter and I stop now and then during the day to drink the chai, especially now during the winter. Sometimes I smoke a bidi then too and it's just like being back in India.

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[31 Dec 2003|12:43am]

[ mood | xposted mercilessly. ]

this zine was made possible by many caffeine-fueled last nights and stapled by jittery hands. THANK YOU, O MIGHTY CHAI. (i had some tonight...yum.)


Sleeps With Monsters, a new literary & photography zine is now available.

Includes writings by:
Devorah Brandon (halation)
Jamora Crawford (Dying Fall)
Liz Dean (beginswith_e)
Desirae Embree (invisible__me)
Danielle Garcia
Helen Kitson (http://www.ah-dann.freeserve.co.uk/index.htm)
Julia Phillips (crossitout) Editor
Holly Selph
Leigh Stein (wist) Editor
Katharine Tillman (Intense Fragility)

Photography by:
Roxanne M Carter (kore)
Jamora Crawford (Dying Fall)
Helena Kvarnstrom (myredself)
Ashlee Marshall

90 pages. 1/2 sized. White card stock cover. Color photographs inside on photo paper and lots and lots of words.

$7 ppd. in the US $8 outside. Paypal to nightgowngirl@aol.com or email for mailing address.

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Chai Pudding [20 Dec 2003|10:09am]

[ mood | productive ]

Anyone ever had chai pudding? You just add chai powder to instant pudding. I have never made it using the liquid oregon chai, but I'm sure it would work, you'd just have to mix the chai and add the chai to the instant pudding instead of milk.

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[02 Nov 2003|03:39pm]

chai is good to me. :)
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[18 Oct 2003|07:11pm]
am i the only one that prefers to brew chai from chai tea bags, then add soy milk, honey, and spices?
oregon chai doesnt do much for me :\
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[13 Oct 2003|03:27pm]


I bought this today :D

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[02 Oct 2003|09:51pm]

[ mood | toasty ]

My name is Kate, and I am drinking chai right now.

I just made a run to the grocery store to buy some, after discovering I had exactly $4 in my wallet. Chai is a weakness of mine, and despite my persistant lack of disposable income, I always manage to scrounge enough to buy some chai.

I also decided to try Oregon Chai Kashmir Green Tea, instead of the original (or caffeine-free), which is my usual poison. It's interesting. Good, and definitely different from the chai I'm used to. The flavor is almost.... nutty.

Also, I discovered that Safeway does not keep the chai in the coffee and tea isle, like the King Soopers (aka Kroger) does. Rather, the chai is found in the 'whole foods' section, and in the coffee/tea isle there is only Safeway-brand chai mix, a dry powder. What gets my panties in a wad is that the Safeway brand is a whole dollar more than the Oregon Chai, for what is not really better and definitely fewer servings (which I can attest to, having bought it once). Scandalous, I say.

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New here [26 Sep 2003|02:53am]

I was thinking today about creating a chai community, but stumbled upon this one, and was happy to have found it. For the longest time, the only chai that I could find was not in a supermarket, I had to drive about 40 minutes out of my way to Borders to get me a chai. But now they've finally started selling Oregon Chai at grocery stores closer to me, and I'm seriously addicted. I'd say it's a sickness, but I enjoy it too much to feel sickened.

Anyhow, has anybody noticed the recent trend of almost every coffee or tea company jumping on the chai bandwagon? First, I saw Lipton (yuck). Then the other day I saw International Coffees now makes a chai latte (which I bought and subsequently threw out after my first sip). Now there's Celestial Seasonings with about 5 different chai varities. All of these are powders. I think the liquid concentrate is so much better than any powders, and I'm sure most people would agree that Oregon Chai has the best recipe of all.

Anyhow that's my two cents on chai.
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New [21 Sep 2003|11:21am]


Chai is my loyal friend. Especially Gloria Jeans chai. Perfection.

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[28 Aug 2003|07:20pm]

mmmmm i had chai last week after a looong loong time. it was tasty.
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hi [28 Jan 2003|11:08pm]

hello, i am new. i love chai. the oregon chai in a carton is my fav. yum!
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i just joined [26 Jan 2003|02:38am]

[ mood | okay ]

ok, i've just joined this community, but yum, i love chai! i just had some today...and yesterday, but before that it had been a long time, i go in phases with chai. i'll have a lot of it in a short period of time, then i won't be able to drink it for a month or two, then i love it again. does this happen to anyone else?

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chai chishay? [24 Jan 2003|07:47pm]
[ mood | excited ]

At last!

An online community dedicated to the pleasures of chai, in it's many, many forms.

All is now well.

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[22 Jan 2003|05:22pm]

[ mood | whimsical. ]

Would you believe that I'm the only person on LiveJournal who has "raspberry chai tea" listed as in interest?
It's a sick, sick world out there that isn't interested in raspberry chai.

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hey hey! [09 Oct 2002|09:11pm]

[ mood | accomplished ]

hullo hullo! i'm new, this would be my first post and here is a recipie that i know everyone will lurrrve!

"Tha Chai Chilla"
Makes about 1-½ quarts

3 cups chai flavored soymilk, or equal parts plain soymilk and a chai latte mix
12 ounces firm silken tofu
1 4-ounce package instant vanilla dairy-free pudding mix
1 teaspoon ground cinnamon
1-½ teaspoons ground ginger
½ teaspoon ground nutmeg
½ teaspoon ground cloves

In a blender (or food processor), combine all ingredients. Process until smooth.

In an Ice-cream maker, freeze mixture (following the manufacturer’s directions, as all ice-cream makers are different).
Without an Ice-cream maker, pour mixture into a plastic bowl or other freezer container, cover, place into your freezer.
When mixture starts to freeze around the edges, stir to distribute and break up ice crystals. Return to Freezer and freeze several hours, or until firm.

i had to remember this off-the-top of my head really, but i hope everyone who tries it enjoys. :)

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i've been really into... [08 Oct 2002|12:34am]

pouring oregon chai on vanilla ice cream lately. mmmm...
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since no one ever posts here, i'm posting a paragraph from my own journal. [30 Sep 2002|01:05am]

oh, yeah, so i desperately wanted chai earlier this evening. so i went to pinkkaigirl and promised her anything she wanted, even if she wanted the 4 winds fridge, if she would take me to the 4 winds to get some chai. while waiting, i made another obscene noise (when telling james about this, i did an imitation of the noise, and her comment was, "yes, you are sexually frustrated"), which made me talk about chaigasms... but yeah, anyway, so when tan aphrodite finally did ask for my order, i was just like, "lots of chai. lots and lots and lots of chai. sooooo much chai. as much chai as you can put in a to-go cup. wait, no. just make it two." which is good, because the 1st cup was gone before i got to the car. i looooooove chai! i apparently had multiple chaigasms, according to pinkkaigirl
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[18 Jun 2002|08:40pm]

ok so, i drink chai. often. incessently.
i recently got a little device to steam milk.
now i am psyched and am able to make good chai lattes at home.

the best way to drink chai is regular (or 'spiced') chai with a shot of vanilla. (that is my opinion anyway) my friend made this comment on my first tasting of this chai, "it tastes like christmas."

i like chai. iced, latte, any old way. if you like chai they make it exceptionally at "bean town" coffee shop in allendale, new jersey. best i've tasted in a while (since it was 'arabica' but now under new management) starbucks is no comparison to a good coffee house like that... however it will do in a fix.

anyway, drink on, chai lovers!
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