Ghetto Girl (darwinne) wrote in cchhaaii,
Ghetto Girl

New here

I was thinking today about creating a chai community, but stumbled upon this one, and was happy to have found it. For the longest time, the only chai that I could find was not in a supermarket, I had to drive about 40 minutes out of my way to Borders to get me a chai. But now they've finally started selling Oregon Chai at grocery stores closer to me, and I'm seriously addicted. I'd say it's a sickness, but I enjoy it too much to feel sickened.

Anyhow, has anybody noticed the recent trend of almost every coffee or tea company jumping on the chai bandwagon? First, I saw Lipton (yuck). Then the other day I saw International Coffees now makes a chai latte (which I bought and subsequently threw out after my first sip). Now there's Celestial Seasonings with about 5 different chai varities. All of these are powders. I think the liquid concentrate is so much better than any powders, and I'm sure most people would agree that Oregon Chai has the best recipe of all.

Anyhow that's my two cents on chai.
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