the little brown bear read out of his new book. (anotheryourself) wrote in cchhaaii,
the little brown bear read out of his new book.

since no one ever posts here, i'm posting a paragraph from my own journal.

oh, yeah, so i desperately wanted chai earlier this evening. so i went to pinkkaigirl and promised her anything she wanted, even if she wanted the 4 winds fridge, if she would take me to the 4 winds to get some chai. while waiting, i made another obscene noise (when telling james about this, i did an imitation of the noise, and her comment was, "yes, you are sexually frustrated"), which made me talk about chaigasms... but yeah, anyway, so when tan aphrodite finally did ask for my order, i was just like, "lots of chai. lots and lots and lots of chai. sooooo much chai. as much chai as you can put in a to-go cup. wait, no. just make it two." which is good, because the 1st cup was gone before i got to the car. i looooooove chai! i apparently had multiple chaigasms, according to pinkkaigirl
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